Exquisite Driving Machines
Lone Star's Growler™ represents the newest entry into the streetrod lineup. It was designed (by acclaimed designer David Braddy) with the venerable '32 Ford roadster in mind, but quickly began taking on the performance characteristics of the tried-and-true LS427 Competition Cobra. For quick sprints in the 1/4 mile, the Growler's™ wheelbase was extended to 114".

The Growler™ was designed specifically to accommodate your choice of a Chevy 350 V8 or Chrysler 360 V8. Lone Star fully supports your installation of these powerplants, although other engines are of course feasible.

The overall-length of the Growler™ is 174", only 2" longer than Lone Star's LS300 roadster. It's designed to use 15" wheels up front, and larger 17" wheels in the rear. The frame is constructed of heavily-reinforced 2" X 26" box-steel tubing and is engineered for Lone Star's fully-adjustable race suspension. A 9" Ford differential provides you with the strength you need in the rear end.

Complementing the raw power of this roadster are the creature comforts most drivers deem a necessity. Your options include air conditioning, an AM/FM sound system with CD player, and a snap-on hard top. If you have more discriminating tastes, Argentine leather is also offered.


  • 2" X 26" rectangular-tube steel frame with universal radiator mounting brackets, motor mounts, transmission mount,THE GROWLER BY LONESTARTaylor Race Engineering™ front crossmember and 4-link & Panhard bar with Heim joints and rear end mounting brackets... a carefully-selected blend of components to provide you with sports-machine performance at reasonable cost
  • Heavy-duty cowl support structure with steering column supports
  • Door hinge assemblies, complete; hood and trunk hinge bars & hinges; hood and trunk prop rods
  • Fuel tank mounting straps; battery hold-down tray


  • Premium-quality handlaid fiberglass blanket with space-age resins
  • Double-lined/double-reinforced doors; pre-mounted fender liners and firewall insert
  • Custom dashboard


  • 22-gallon (84 liter) aluminum fuel tank with VDO™ sending unit; 400hp Griffin™ race radiator
  • VDO™ instrument package, complete including sending units
  • Interior door pulls; chromed interior and ext. door handles; hood latch mechanisms; hidden, remote trunk handle
  • The Growler
  • Assembly manual - complete, meticulously compiled & fully illustrated
  • Windshield with complete wiper assembly
  • Electrical package includes authentically-styled lights and Painless™ wiring harness and instrument-panel harness
  • Fuel door
  • Custom pedal assembly

COMPETITION COMPONENTS Upper & lower front tubular control arms with Kevlar® coated screw-in balljoints; a complete set of fully-adjustable coil-over shocks, a 4-link trailing arm and Panhard-bar system including rear-end mounting hardware, and all Heim joints and spacers you need for installation.
Competition/Deluxe Package cost: $13,995.

OTHER OPTIONS Door windows with electric motors and control modules: $1295
Snap-on hard top with rear glass: $1695
Complete heater/defroster/air conditioning system: $1095