Since 1978 York Sports Cars has specialized in the assembly, completion and corrective engineering for every variety of street rod reproduction and kit car. Each car featured on this page is a replicar carefully assembled by YSC.

Another YSC specialty is locating or fabricating parts for unfinished kits, especially those unfinished kits produced by the Miami (Florida) telemarketers... Classic Motor Carriages (aka "CMC"), Fiberfab International, Classic Auto Replicars, Auto Resolution (aka "ARL"), Innovative Street Machines (aka "ISM") and Champion Auto Works. Models that we've successfully located parts or suppliers for include the '33 and '34 Ford reproductions, as well as the Cobra, the SSK/Gazelle and MG-TD replicas (both VW and front-engine versions) and Porsche Speedster replicas (356, 356 Californian and 959). We're also expert in correcting engineering and cosmetic flaws in those kits, and in knowing which parts should be replaced with cosmetically better-quality, more durable and/or higher-performance components.

No matter what model or variety of kit you want us to assemble or complete, the odds are good that we've already acquired extensive experience in building it.

York Powerhouse powerplants

High-Performance 302/351 Ford, or 350 Chevy engine with 5-speed manual or automatic transmission. Your engine from YSC is complete, mounted to the transmission, test-run and ready to be installed into your car.

Your YSC engine features: approximately 9:1 compression ratio, .030-over pistons, high-performance camshaft, high-volume oil pump, dual-plane Edelbrock intake manifold, Edelbrock 600cfm electric-choke carburetor, Ford OEM distributor, ignition wires, plugs, water pump, alternator, starter, all pulleys, belts, Ford/Cobra chromed valve covers, Ford/Cobra air cleaner, clutch & pressure plate, throwout bearing, flywheel, and motor mounts & transmission mounts. All of this is covered with a 12-month, 12,000-mile limited warranty.

YSC's all-Ford front suspension component packages (for use on Cobra replicas and '33/'34 Ford replicas) include Ford Mustang front suspensions, all remanufactured with such all-new parts as bushings for A-arms, strut rod, lower-control-arm and sway bars; 5-lug rotors & calipers, brake hoses, ball joints, tie-rod ends, shock absorbers, and too much more to list here.

Our all-Ford rear suspension setups include the Ford Mustang 8.8" rear end with all-new wheel cylinders, grease seals, steel brake lines, emergency brake cables, 5-lug axles and drums, brake hose, shock absorbers, assembly hardware and more, and painted gloss black.

VW expertise extraordinaire!

Another area of YSC specialty is air-cooled Volkswagen-based kits. We specialize in rebuilding VW chassis pans, VW suspension setups, and engine/drivetrain components. Much of our assembly work is for those folks who have a VW-based kit that they never finished, or that needs refinement, and they come to us for all of the final completion work. Volkswagens still provide a remarkably low-cost, durable, dependable and nimble platform for many styles of component cars. At left is a dazzling Porsche Speedster replica that we assembled for a customer in New Jersey. Below is one of YSC's reconditioned VW pans.


If you'd like to know more about our complete streetrod and kit car assembly services and component product literature, contact me (John York) today!

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